Florida Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card is a form of identification that allows patients to enter medical marijuana dispensaries and purchase the plant that best matches the patient’s medical symptoms. It enables the patient to use medical cannabis delivery services. The State issues the cards, but the patient must first get a signed recommendation from our licensed physicians at Boca Pot Doc to qualify. 

After receiving the medical guidance and qualification, the patient and the doctor review the doses. With the doctor’s prescribed treatment, the patient then needs to apply through the State and pay a fee, which is Florida state regulation. Doctors cannot merely prescribe Cannabis to patients due to the plant’s federally illegal status. Patients receive physician supervision during their treatment plan by federal guidelines. The majority of people who are suffering from the following allowed a prescription for medical Cannabis: Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Glaucoma, HIV, Multiple Sceloris, and PTSD.

Multiple states across the nation have access to legalize adult-use Cannabis fully, but many are wondering what this could mean for the medical cannabis dispensaries and cardholders. People also are questioning is the hassle of visiting a doctor for a medical card worth it? Is there any real benefits from Cannabis that could give patients relief based on their ailments. The answer is yes.

There are many benefits, one of which being a lower cost for patients, which is a significant benefit for people who rely on the plant for medical issues. Many people who have previously received benefits from life-improving medication were not able to have financial assistance from their insurance- which is a problem with medical cannabis patients all over the US. At Boca Pot Doc, we give our patients a lower cost to access their medication needed. 

Another benefit of being a cardholder is dosage. Dosage is critical when it comes to medical Cannabis. The majority of patients need high strength cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. Some recreational shops have to abide by potency limits that are enforced by legislation. However, medical dispensaries who are prescribing to medical marijuana cardholders can give patients the potency they need to relieve their ailments. While you are taking a higher dose, you are under your physician’s supervision, making this a safe place to exploring palliative care. 

Medical marijuana dispensaries vary from recreational shops on the age limit access. Recreational shops are only allowed to sell Cannabis to anyone over the age of 21. While this makes sense for the general population, this doesn’t make sense for people who are cannabis patients candidates under the age of 21. A medical marijuana card gives individuals from the ages of 18 to 21 get legal access to medical marijuana for relief of cancer, epilepsy, and other ailments.  

Also, if your State has approved you for your medical marijuana card based on physicians’ recommendations, you are entitled to grow additional Cannabis as needed. It is essential for patients, who unlike recreational consumers, are dependent on the plant for their well-being and can better offset the dispensary costs with their homegrown supply. Florida, unlike other legalized states, does not allow patients to grow their Cannabis for medical use; some state does allow it. The amount that one can accumulate is often higher for medical patients than it is for recreational consumers. 

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